Austin's Longest Running Open Mic Performance Variety Show
"Industrial-strength, thoroughly theatrified, performative chicanery"
     --The Austin Chronicle

No Shame Theatre

Austin, Texas

(est. 2001)

The Order from Last Week

No Shame is Austin's preeminent open mic performance series. Don't miss it!

Sign ups begin at 9:30 pm. All pieces must be original and under 5 minutes long. We're limited to 15 slots. Don't hurt the stage or the audience. Otherwise, no limits. Script in hand or memorized, funny, musical, dramatic, dance, bad, weird, or just what the hell, all styles of performance are welcome.

Fridays @ 10:00 p.m.

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And it's absolutely free!!!!

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No Shame Theatre is an open performance forum where anything can happen, and usually does. This anything includes theater, dance, comedy, or music (or hybrids thereof). Pieces must be original, keep your technical demands small and your piece under five minutes in length. That's all it takes to participate. And No Shame isn't just for participants. We want audience, too, so tell your friends!
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No Shame Theatre is an ongoing production of Gnap! Productions.
for information contact: Shannon McCormick