No Shame First Aid Kit


Script pages marked with a indicate that the author(s) has given permission for their piece to be used by performers at other No Shames to supplement the show when there is a shortage of scripts, locally.

Performers must properly credit the author(s) of the piece in the show's order. (And drop them an email if you can to let 'em know how it went.)

Under no circumstances may scripts included in the No Shame First Aid Kit be performed at venues other than No Shame without first contacting the author for express permission to do so.

Subj: 	BoardRoom: Modest Proposal #2
Date: 	Friday, April 12, 2002 2:47:22 PM

Time: Fri, 12-Apr-2002 21:46:52 GMT     IP:

In Charlottesville we don't have the luxury that IC does in the 
gigantic stable of writers and performers.  Also, not being an 
academic no shame we go year round, every Friday.

Some fridays we come no where near having 15 pieces.  In fact, 
last week we were 11 pieces far away from 15 pieces.

We also have been doing some scripts submitted to us by out of 
town writers who want a venue and to participate in the "no 
shame experience" even though they can't go drink a beer with us 

This gave me an idea.  I have started to set up what I call the 
No Shame Emergency First Aid Script Box for nights when our 
order has less than 5 submissions.  It doesn't happen very 
often, but man it sucks when it does.

If you guys have no shame pieces that can be done by people 
other than yourselves--send them to me as text in an email with 
a note giving permission to perform them and I will print them 
out and keep them in the First Aid Box.  If we have a slow night 
I'll pull out a script (probably in a panic and at random) from 
the box and we will do it that night.  Afterwards you will be 
immortalized in our order here in Virginia, have a new and nifty 
production credit for your resume, and I'll send you an email to 
let you know that your piece was performed.