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Spring 1999 No Shame Theatre Administrative Board
Dan Brooks
Chris Okiishi
James Erwin
Kyle Lange
Sarah Greer

Friday, January 29, 1999 - [Space Place, North Hall]
  1. Dan Brooks & Kyle Lange - What is Truth or A Fart That Makes a Sketch Come Out of Chris Stangl's Butt [aka A Conversation I Had] (performed by Kyle Lange, Mike Rothschild and Danger Brooks)
  2. Mose Hayward - Exposition Exercise #1
  3. Bradley Harris - Talk to Me, Summer
  4. Danger Brooks - The Most Momentous Thing or A Midnight Serenade to Megan
  5. Jamal River - A Brand New Sketch about Pee For a Brand New No Shame Season of Pee
  6. Dan Brooks - A Story and Two Love Poems
  7. Aprille Clarke - All I Wanna Do Is Zoom Zoom Zoom
  8. Stephen Howard - A Fairy Tale of Aspen or a Valet Named Mitch
  9. Brad Quinn - Several Lies and a Truth
  10. Mike Rothschild - The Entertainer: An Introduction
  11. Chris Okiishi - After- Bar
  12. Brad Smith - If Only This Piece Could Be Done in Black and White
  13. Bradley Harris and Brian Dailey - Give Me Some Lovin'
  14. Chris Stangl - Poops and Farts and Pees! All I Like Is Pooping Farting Pees! The Funniest Sketch of the Night! (performed by Chris Stangl & Jamal River)
  15. James Erwin - It Happened One Night or There's a Crawdad in My Urethra and He's Pointing His Claws at You
[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Dan Brooks]

Friday, February 5, 1999 - [Space Place, North Hall]
  1. Chris Okiishi - First Date (Chris Okiishi, Adam Burton)
  2. Mike Rothschild - Spectrum
  3. Mike Schmidt - A Dedication to Kyle Lange and His Great White Ass, Ass
  4. Matt Goolsby - Matt Goolsby Finds His Voice or Yet Another Damn "I Am" Bit
  5. Sarah Greer - Welcome Fence-Mart Shoppers
  6. James Horak - An Artistic Message So Damn Overt It Will Make Your Gonads White
  7. Danger Brooks - The Style Section or Eladio Fuentes Has a Dream
  8. Kyle Lange - If Your Pants Fell Off Last Week You'd Do A Serious Piece the Next Week, Too
  9. James Horak - Growing Up
  10. Al Angel - This Scene Has Nothing to Do With Chuck Berry or I'm In Love With Mary Stuart Masterson
  11. James Erwin - Parody #3 or Why We Fight
  12. Chris Stangl - Before I Read Number 12, I Want to Tell You I Have To Crap. Number 12 is by... Chris Stangl (performed by Chris Stangl)
  13. Aaron Galbraith - Is That Your Penis Making That Unmistakable Bulge in Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
  14. Danger Brooks - Love Letter from Las Vegas
  15. Mike Rothschild - The Sum of Her Parts
[SOURCE: order posted on Boardroom by Dan Brooks]

Friday, February 12, 1999 - [Space Place, North Hall]
.5) Christopher Okiishi - A Valentine's Day Song
1) James Wolf - Some Valentine's Day Reflections
2) Mike Rothschild - Dear You
3) Aprille Clark - Aprille's Gaydar Is On Crack (And other stories of failure) (Aprille Clarke, with Mike Rothschild & Bob)
4) Bob Alanis - Sorry to do this but it's cheaper than therapy
5) Kyle Lange - A Typical Conversation
6) Jamal River - Why you are *so* stupid (Jamal River & Chris Stangl)
6.5) Aaron Galbraith - Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Galbraith, I thought that was the umbilical cord [aka A No Shame Funeral
7) Greg Mitchell - Stratego
8) Al Angel - At first, this scene may appear to be about masturbation, but I promise you it really isn't... Okay, I lied, it is about masturbation
9) Bill Bungeroth - Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
10) Chris Stangl - Next Week, Every Fifteenth Person Gets a Hand-job From Chris Stangl! Also Every Fourteenth Person! And Your Mom! (Chris Stangl & Jamal River)
11) Nick Snavely - Video Story Time
11.5) Mark Hansen - Commercial Attack
12) Michael Fergades - Rubber Glove Boy Tells All
13) James Horak - The Dire State of the Human Condition written by Hyperactive Adrenal Gland Steve as dictated to James Horak
14) Mike Cassady - The Worst Day Of My Life By James Erwin
15) Sarah Greer - Never say No Shame never gave ya nothin or you ain't goin home lonely tonight and Happy Valentine's Day

[SOURCE: order posted on Boardroom by James Erwin]

Friday, February 19, 1999 - [Space Place, North Hall]

And Ben, as an impromptu pre-show

1) Megan Gogerty - Dogs Are Stupid
2) Bradley Harris - Juggling
3) Alyssa Bowman - Fart Butt Drink Pee
4) Chris Okiishi - I Miss You
5) James Wolf, Jr. - Long Ago, it Must Be
5.5) Mose Hayward - Creation of Character Part VI
6) Mike Rothschild - Tales of Fraud and Malfeasance in No Shame Board Selection Practices
7) Kyle Lange - You're Taking Love for Granted
8) Chris Stangl - When Superman Farts, Does It Blow A Hole Through The Entire Planet? Or Just His Dirty Underwear? (performed by Chris Stangl & Jamal River)
8.5) Mark Hansen - A Pit-Stop in Pinterville
9) Al Angel - I'll Suck You Off for $20 or How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
10) Author - Title (performed by Aaron Galbraith & James Horak)
10.5) Danger Brooks - Kugelbrau: Beer of Quality
11) Chris Okiishi and Adam Burton - Boom Shakka
12) Brad Smith? - Listen and Respond
12.5) Greg Mitchell - Burnin' Hunk of Love
13) Jamal River - Why You Are So Stupid
14) Matt Sacharski - Hey, You. Yeah You. Do You Have Any Marijuana to Sell?
15) Sarah Greer - Lost And Found in the Park or Sarah Is Still Sick, So This Piece Will Have No Speaking

[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Dan Brooks]

Friday, February 26, 1999 - [Theatre B]
1) Hans "Walt Stein With a Beard" Yodeler - The Decadence of the Amish
1.5) Bob Alanis - Deja Vu
2) Chris and Megan Hill - The Big Concert and the Smelly Bus
2.5) Ben Schmidt - What Are You Looking At?
3) Mose Hayward - The Elitist French: A Political Sketch
4) Alyssa Bowman - The I Shake My Stanking Ass Song (Jamal River)
5) Dave Smith - Mexican Lady Mistress
5.5) Bob Alanis - Deja Vu
6) Wes and Jeff - Black Market Stuff (Improv by Wes and Jeff)
7) Danger Brooks - Open Letter, Re: Six Minute Romance
8) Matt Sucharski - You Rememberr Last Week's Sketch About Wanting Pot? Well, This Is a Sequel
9) James Wolf Jr. - Based on a True Story (for Chris Kruckeberg)
10) Kehry Lane - The Courtship Dance
11) Al Angel - Why I Don't Watch Porn Anymore
11.5) Bob Alanis - Deja Vu
12) Chris Stangl - Children's Sing Along Time With Chris "Farto" Stangl! (performed by Chris Stangl)
13) Kyle Lange - A Future Interpretation of Myself if I Kept My Medical Records Job
14) Aprille Clarke - Misinterpretations of Religious Symbolism or Am I Ever Going to Get Out of This Homoerotic Phase?
15) Brad Smith - Cirrus, Get It? Instead of Serious. Cirrus, You Know, Like the Cl...(Emit a Resigned Sigh) or This Title Has Stage Directions
16) Mark Hansen - The Trailer
17) James Horak - Bill Gates Must Be Behind This

[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Dan Brooks]

Friday, March 5, 1999 - [Theatre B]
1) Mike "Whitebread" Cassady - Who Needs A Title With A Body Like This?
2) John Hague - Rain

Mike Fergades attempted to perform 4.5 minutes of copper the big happy dog licking her big happy ass, but was prevented by technical difficulties.

4) Sarah A. Conklin - Archetype: Whore
5) Black Market Stuff - Tag Freeze
5.5) Kyle Lange - Words to Song
6) Jamal River - Everybody at no shame farts a lot
7) Aprille Clarke - Planet of the Aprilles or I promise never to do such a self- absorbed piece again
8) Alyssa Bowman - True Story
9) Ben Schmidt - Write it down
10) Al Angel - God
11) Christopher Okiishi - Self. Help.
12) Aaron Galbraith, James Horak and Mike Cassady - It's a's a plane...sweet bleeding Christ, what the hell is that?
13) Danger Brooks - What do you do with a Drunken Sailor? My mom married him.
14) Chris Stangl - Skull Fractures: A Fun Sketch about Love and Farts! (performed by Chris Stangl & Jamal River)
15) Bob Alanis - It's hard to say goodbye
16) Mark Hansen - Psychobabble, Qu'est-ce que c'est
17) Clare Gerstein - Those 15-year old girls with died black hair who hang out at the mall and shop at Hot Topic and listen to Marylin Manson and Cradle fof Filth are really much cooler than me, really, and I wish I could be like them
18) Kehry Lane and Enrique - We hope people laugh at this

[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Chris Okiishi]

Friday, March 26, 1999 - [Theatre B]
1. James Horak - The Vangelis Incident or Objects in my Pants Are Closer Than They Appear
2. Brad Smith - Three Characters in Search of a Blackout - (Brad Smith, Michael Rothschild & Mark Hansen)
3. Ben Schmidt - The Winter Series -- Two Songs about Winter
3.5 Aaron Galbraith - A metaphor is like a simile (performed by Aaron Galbraith and James Horak)
4. Black Market Stuff - Pick a Line
5. Mike Rothschild - The Iron Fist of Zion - (performed by Mike Rothschild, Mark Hansen, Brad Smith & Nick Westergaard)
6. Jamal River - A Very Serious Nipple Skit
7. Aprille Clarke - Too Many White People, Not Enough Sweet Luh-huv
8. Al Angel - Spanish Serenade in G or Boy, I Hope This Song Gets Me Laid
9. Mark Hansen - Radio Free Ferall - (performed by Mark Hansen, Brad Smith, Aprille Clarke and Jamal River)
10. Alyssa Bowman - The True Story of How Mose Hayward Lost His Virginity - (performed by ... & Brad Quinn) [its sequel is performed next week]
10.3 Bradley Harris - Song and Dance
10.5 Arlen Lawson - Well, That's All For Our Show Tonight. Remember to Tune in Next Week When We'll Be Showing the High Budget Thriller, 'Night Raid On the Planet of the 8 ft. Rabid Killer Chickens.' - (performed by Arlen Lawson & Al Angel)
11. Enrique - Monikers and Nicknames Incorporated Sketch
12. Mike Fergades (musical guest NIM) - 4.5 Minutes of Copper the Big Happy Dog Licking Her Big Happy Ass Like an Animal - (performed by Michael Fergades, Sarah A. Conklin, and Al Angel as Copper)
13. Chris Stangl - Blue Room: a song - (performed by Chris Stangl)
14. Kehry Lane - A Letter from a Dying Husband - (performed by Kehry Lane)
15. Greg Mitchell - Ballad of the Stupid

[SOURCE: order compiled from Mike Rothschilds comments on the board room, and Arlen Lawson, Mark Hansen, Chris Stangl, Aaron Galbraith, then finally posted on boardroom by Chris Okiishi and Adam Burton]

photos Friday, April 2, 1999 - [Theatre B]
1) Bradley Harris - Ring
2) Kyle Lange - Super Human Sorority Girl "Saves" Iowa City
3) Mike Rothschild - Chronicle of a Cheap Bastard
4) Aprille Clarke - The Adventures of Venderella, Time-Traveling Super Fashion Model
5) Christopher Okiishi - Call Waiting
6) Eric Curtis - No Blue Balls and Ham
7) Dan Brooks - Will the Last One Out of My Subconscious Please Turn Off the Lights?
8) Arlen Lawson - Is the Biggest Piece of Shit I've Ever Read and I Mean That From the Bottom of My Shit-Loving Heart--Night Raid on the Planet of the 8ft. Rabid Killer Chickens!!! - (performed by Arlen Lawson & Matt Sucharsky)
9) Lauren Austin - Brain Fart
10) Kyle Lange - Super Human Sorority Girl "Saves" Iowa City (part 2)
11) Alyssa Bowman - The True Story About How Sad Mose Hayward is about "The True Story of How Mose Hayward Lost his Virginity"
12) Chris Stangl - At My Head (performed by Chris Stangl)
13) Eric Curtis and special guest writer Jeremy Dubin - Conspiracy Theory: The Next Beanie Baby Adventure
14) Adam Burton and Christopher Okiishi - House-guests
14.5) Mike Cassady and Aaron Galbraith - my urethra aches [part of their "heckling" series]
15) Mose Hayward - Ode to Lenny

[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Chris Okiishi]

Friday, April 9, 1999 - [Theatre B]
1) Mose Hayward - Radish
1.5) Aaron Galbraith - They gave me life, I gave them strife: an ode to mom and dad (performed by Aaron Galbraith, Mike Cassady, Sarah Greer and Brad Smith)
2) Sarah Greer - Friends: Who Are They, Really?
3) Black Market Stuff - Black Market Stuff: Emotions
4) James Wolf - Fallen
5) James Horak - The Mind-Numbing Effects of Comedy or Irony Can Kiss My Ass or A Script With Four Possible Titles
6) Mark Hansen - Son of Sweet Bleeding Christ, Sort Of
7) Bob Alanis - I Pity the Foo'
8) Arlen Lawson - Night Raid on the Planet of the Eight Foot -- No, Make That Ten Foot, Yeah, Ten Foot Killer Chickens - (performed by Arlen Lawson, Matt Sucharsky, Chris Breecher, Mike Cassady, James Wolf)
9) James Erwin - Why I Have Resumes Out
10) Chris Stangl - Comedy is Funny: a five minute tragedy (performed by Chris Stangl, Baker McDonald, Jamal River, Mark Hansen, James Erwin, and Sarah Greer)
11) Mike Rothschild - This Piece Was Written On a Mac
12) Kyle Lange - Goin' All the Way: A Metaphor for Taking a Risk
13) Dan Brooks and James Erwin - Lawsuit Theatre - (...Kyle Lange, Mike Cassady)
13.5) Nick Clark - The Garbage Man, Alvin Marley
14) Mike Cassady - One Minute, 45 Seconds
15) Jamalala River - The Alyssa Bowman Story

[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Dan Brooks]

Friday, April 16, 1999 - [Theatre B]
1) Christopher Okiishi - Periodic Influences - (performed by Chris Okiishi, Mary Fons, Adam Burton and Aprille Clarke)
2) Alyssa Bowman - Carnal Theatre Love Ode
3) Arlen Lawson - How to Write a Joke or A Short Title For a Short Millenium - (performed by Arlen Lawson & Mark Hansen)
4) Mike Cassady - Insert Clever Title Here - (performed by Mike Cassady, Dan Brooks, Chris Okiishi, Sarah Greer, Kyle Lange, James Erwin)
5) John Hague - Museum as Muse
6) Mario Sosa - L and M
7) Dan Brooks - Anthony's Poem
8) James Wolf - We Could Be Heroes
8.5) Kyle Lange - Mary Sue Coleman's Hawkeye Talk (Kyle, Sarah & Chris)
9) Jamal River - The Biggest Butt in the World
10) Al Angel - Work in Progress - (Al Angel, Aaron Galbraith, Arlen Lawson, Dan Brooks)
11) Matt Sucharsky - Cannibal
12) Chris Lake - The Preacher
13) Rob Merritt - My Self Help Seminar
14) Sarah Greer - One Word to Describe Junior High
15) Aaron Galbraith - Happily Ever Upon a Time (performed by Aaron Galbraith, James Horak and Mike Cassady)
16) Chris Stangl - How I Invented God (performed by Chris Stangl, Jamal River & Sarah Greer)

[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Kyle Lange]

Friday, April 23, 1999 - [Mabie Theater]
1) Bradley Harris - Bouncing
2) Mike Rothschild - No Shame Episode One: The Phantom Major
3) Kyle Lange - Trample Over Me -- A Song
4) Nick Clark's Roommate - My Roommate Thinks I Don't Know What He Really Thinks of Me
5) Mark Hansen and Arlen Lawson - I Wrote This Sketch All By Myself with Absolutely NO Help From Anyone Else - (performed by Arlen Lawson, Mark Hansen, Brad Smith)
5.5) Bradley Harris and Mose Hayward - Juggling
6) James Erwin and Todd Bowser - A Song, Sort Of
7) Danger Brooks - The Blackout Sketch
8) Aprille Clarke - The Primary Non-Sexual Fantasies of a Recovering Education Major
9) Alyssa Bowman - A Gentle Farting in My Ear
10) Chris Okiishi, Tom Burkart and Adam Burton - Something (Adam Burton, Tom Burkhart, and Chris Okiishi)
11) Washington Irving - There Are Absolutely No References to Gorilla Semen in This Piece -- I Swear, or My Name Isn't Washington Irving
12) Havalah Backus - A Carribean Night
13) Mose Hayward - Unicorn
14) Ben Schmidt - Song
15) Mike Rothschild - No Shame Episode One: The Phantom Major, Part II
15.5) Mike Cassady and Aaron Galbraith - Scream If You Love ISCA
16) Chris Stangl - Damage to Space and Occupants (performed by Chris Stangl)

[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Dan Brooks]
[NOTE: ISCAnic XV this weekend]

Best of No Shame
Friday, April 30, 1999
- [Mabie Theater]
1) Chris Okiishi - Periodic Influences [w/ Aprille, Mary Fons and Adam]
2) Aaron Galbraith - Happily Ever Upon a Time (performed by Aaron Galbraith, James Horak and Mike Cassady) [the backwards piece]
3) Bradley Harris - Ring [amazing juggling with rings]
4) Aprille Clarke - Planet of the Aprilles [Aprille's psyche played by four actors, including herself]
6) Jake Johnson - Gary's Rage [dead week from last semester]
6.5) Author - Title [really by Aaron Gailbraith, accompanied by James Horak]
7) Dan Brooks - Will the Last One Out of my Subconscious Please Turn Off the Lights [Dan riffs of several issues, including "conditioning"]
8) Kyle Lange - Super Human Sorority Girl "Saves" Iowa City [title says it all, with titular performance by Mary Fons]
8.5) James Horak - Objects in My Pants are Closer Than They Appear or The Vangelis Incident ["Chariots of Fire" like we've rarely seen before]
9) James and the Family Erwin - Parody #3 or Why We Fight [Gleeming parady of WWII propaganda updated into current terms]
10) Michael Rothschild - The Iron Fist of Zion [tongue in cheek anti-semitism playing giddily with sterotypes]
10.5) Mark Hansen - Commercial Attack [commercial parody supreme]
11) Chris Stangl - Skull Fractures: A Fun Sketch about Love and Farts! (performed by Chris Stangl & Jamal River) [Chris's character explains what he likes in a partner]
12) Ben Schmidt - Picasso
12.5) Mike Cassady - Who Needs A Title With A Body Like This? [Aaron writes in his journal, read by Mike, with demonic overtones, appearance by Erwin]
13) Dan Brooks - What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor? My Mom Married Him [a chance meeting on a plane provides a charming romantic moment]
14) Alyssa Bowman - The True Story of How Mose Hayward Lost His Virginity [but Mose says he really wrote it. Again, the title says enough]
15) Sarah Greer - Lost and Found in the Park or Sarah is Still Sick, So this Piece Will Have No Speaking [Sarah gets dumped, finds love, all mime. Gold]
15.5) Mose Hayward - Ode to Lenny [but really by Jamal River--the most over-the-top offensive song of the year. I can't get it out of my head.]

[SOURCE: order posted on ISCA by Chris Okiishi]

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