No Shame Theatre Archives (2012)


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2012 No Shame Staff
Jeff Goode - artistic director
Heidi Hostetler - technical director
Jonathan Price - music director

Saturday, July 14, 2012 - [T.U. Studios]
No Shame Los Angeles returns!
First No Shame at SkyPilot Theatre Company!

Host: Jeff Goode
Technical Director: Heidi Hostetler
Music Director: Jonathan Price
Bartender / Box Office: Bob Rusch

0) Jonathan Price - No Shame Theatre Theme Song - Welcome Version 2012
(performed by Jeff Goode)

1) Frank Ensenberger - Magic Frank
(Frank Ensenberger)

2) Ian Federgreen - Back On The Ol' Horse
(Jude Evans*, Ian Federgreen)

3) Travis Richey & Josh Paget - Roy Blunt, Jr.
(Travis Richey, Eric Loya)

4) Joanne Casey - Current Events
(Joanne Casey)

5) Mary Burkin* - The Scene
(J.R. Esposito, Mary Burkin)

6) Travis Richey - Top Ten words that almost rhyme with Kevin
(Travis Richey)

7) David Caprita - The Pitch
(David Caprita, Greg Machlin, Ian Federgreen)

8) Donna Suppipat - Catatonic State
(Frank Ensenberger, Adam Hahn, Knighty, Jason Kobielus*, Greg Machlin, Samantha Macher, Ian Federgreen)

9) Greg Machlin - Greg Interviews Stan and Pierre from WRNG in Studio City or Shameless Self-Promotion, Part 1
(Greg Machlin, Ian Federgreen, Adam Hahn)

10) Jonathan Price/Jeff Goode - Haiku Song
(Jeff Goode, Jonathan Price [v.o.])

11) Adam Hahn - Mayflies in June
(Adam Hahn, Megan Frances, Travis Richey)

12) Liz Shannon Miller* - Dr. Claudius Downing-Schmidt's First Pitch
(Jude Evans, Liz Shannon Miller [o.s.])

13) Eric Loya - What to Write for the No Shame Revival?
(Eric Loya, Travis Richey)

14) Megan F. Kauffunger - Hott Line #2
(Megan Frances, Travis Richey, Joanne Casey, Eric Loya)

15) Samantha Macher - The Wave
(J.R. Esposito, Mackenzie English*, Jason Kobielus)

16) Bobby Knight - Super Foreclosure
(Donna Suppipat, Eric Loya, Knighty, Frank Ensenberger, Ian Federgreen, Travis Richey, Jason Kobielus, Jude Evans)

Curtain Call) Jeff Goode/Jonathan Price - Thank You for Flying with Us!
(Jeff Goode, Lindsey Mixon* & the company!)

* No Shame Debut
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