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Dearest No Shame Web Bookworms,

The No Shame Script Library is currently undergoing a major overhaul which will transform the dozen separate city libraries into one massive national No Shame Library.

Script URLs will be simplified (to omitting the need to specify a city.

This change will be helpful for the growing number of No Shamers who are performing at more than one venue, because all of your scripts will be filed together under your name in the one big directory.

Unfortunately, with literally thousands of web pages to reformat, many of them manually, this change will take at least a year to implement, and in the meantime, city indexes such as this one will become dormant and eventually obsolete - as the time spent keeping this page up-to-date will be better spent compiling the new, improved national script index.

You will still be able to find new scripts through the links in the orders, and the "new scripts" section of each city's home page.

I apologize for the inconvenience,

NEW scripts online:

[SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS: To include your pieces in the Script Library, simply email them to NoShTh (at), or if you would like to set up the page yourself, send us the URL where the script can be found.]

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