"No Shame offers a rock-concert vibe and the joyful energy of an audience of everyday folks who're thrilled to have a venue for their art."
     ---Roanoke Times

No Shame Theatre

Roanoke, Virginia

(est. 2003)

The Order from Last Week

No Shame Theatre
Fridays at 11 p.m.
Mill Mountain Theatre
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No Shame Theatre will be happening every Friday night on the Mill Mountain Theatre Trinkle Main Stage starting May 28th and for the foreseeable future.

Order taken at 10PM, doors open at 10:30, the show starts at 11PM. Check the messages here for more details.

This group is dedicated to No Shame Theatre in Roanoke, a venue for the creation and peformance of original theatre by anyone, about anything.

There are only three rules:

1) All pieces must be under 5 minutes long.

2) All pieces must be original, meaning no possible copyright violations.

3) You can't break anything--not laws, not the venue, not the audience, not your performers, and not yourself. By not breaking the audience, we don't just mean putting the audience in physical danger. Do not, without the permission of the audience member, incorporate them into your piece in such a way as might cause emotional or bodily harm. Likewise, stalking or harrassment of any No Shame participant (including audience) inside or outside the performance venue will result in permanent banning. We exist to provide a safe place to experiment. Anything that undermines that basic tenent is considered breaking the venue.

For more information about No Shame Theatre in Roanoke,
contact: Todd Ristau at NoShameTheatre@aol.com