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Still So Much To Say
"Tony's Piece"

TONY. When she's done, I gotta talk to you about the family business. No big deal. It can wait. But I really, really need to know the combination to the safe in your office. Because-God forbid, and I'm not suggesting-but you know how it looks right now. And if that should happen, worst case scenario, who's gonna look out for the family?

And I'm not talkin' about Ma, she'll be fine. And Alex can go fuck herself. And we both know you never liked Roger. You remember I was there when he almost accidentally drowned in the back yard swimming pool. And I may have been only five at the time, but I'm pretty sure I saw you pour yourself another drink before you went to fish him out.

So call it what you will, but I think we know what the district attorney's gonna call it when he finds out. And maybe it shows remorse that you paid for his college tuition, but that's a consideration that only comes into play during the sentencing phase, if you know what I mean. So forget Roger. Fuck him. Fuck Roger right in his privileged little Ivy-League ass. I'm talking about me!

What's gonna happen to me-God forbid-when you go down for this? Or-God forbid-if you don't even make it to trial? Or-God forbid-you make it to trial, but don't make it to sentencing? Or-even more God forbid-if you make it to sentencing, but then they bring you up on embezzling charges? Which, I know, you didn't have nothing to do with, and you're innocent until proven guilty, and this is the first time you're even hearing about any embezzlement. But let's face it, if it should turn out that somebody was embezzling from the business, are they going to believe me, your only son? Or are they going to believe you, the guy who just got off on trying to kill his other son?

So yeah, maybe the company's in some financial distress right now. Maybe some funds are possibly about to turn up missing, I dunno. But I'm sure it's nothing we can't resolve peacefully and quietly off the books.

And nobody needs to hear another word about it. Or what happened in the backyard. Or some of the other stuff I could tell people I seen you and Alex doing with lollipops when you didn't think nobody was looking. So, yeah, go ahead, but...

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