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See If I Care

By Scott McGee

An Ethnic Woman sits alone at a table.

An array of items lies on the table in front of her.

A toy car, a playhouse, some books, some money, and a picture of a white child..


I’m not gonna lie to you… I’ve been through a lot in my life.

Seen a lot.

Had a lot of shit thrown at me.

I’ve had many obstacles put in front of me.
I’ve had many people try to stop me.

But I’ve always gotten through it.

I’ve always ended up on top.

I’ve always managed to find a way to make things happen.

Call it a gift.

If you want to.

Some do.

Some say that I have had lots of advantages in my life.
They say it wouldn’t be as easy for me if it weren’t for all the help I have had.

That’s what they say.

They’re wrong.

I don’t need these things.

I don’t need them at all.

Sure I’m comfortable with them.

But I don’t need them.

Take them if you want.

See if I care.






White male comes over and takes the car.

Took my car, huh?

Okay. That’s okay.

You can do that. You can take my car away. That’s alright.

I can catch a ride with someone. No problem.

Don’t need a car.
Hell, I can take a cab if I want.

Or the bus.

Either way. Doesn’t matter.

Take my car.

See if I care.

White male comes over and takes the house.

Oh, you gonna take my house now?

That’s what you gonna do? Take my house?


Take away my shelter. Take away my place to live.

Think that’s gonna stop me, do you?

That’s not gonna do it.

I can find somewhere else to live. That’s easy. That’s not a problem at all.

I can crash anywhere.

I can live on a friend’s couch.

I can live in the street. Live in a box, if that’s what it takes.

I can do it.

Take away my house if you have to.
See if I care.

White male comes and takes the money.

Eww… now that’s dirty.
That’s not right. Taking my money like that.

You gonna take all my money? All of it?


Okay. If that’s the rules, fine. I can play by the rules.

I can get more money if I want to. I don’t need that money.
Hell, I don’t need any money.

I’ve got more in my life than money.

I don’t need it.

Take my money.
See if I care.

White male comes and takes pictures of loved ones.

Wait up now.

That’s my family. That’s everyone that I love.

You can’t take them away from me.

Why would you want to do that?

Why are you taking them?

Taking my family. That’s … that’s… I don’t know what that is.
My family.

But … they would want me to keep going. They wouldn’t want me to quit.

I’ve got other things.
I can live without my family.

I can make it without them.

I don’t need my family.

Take my family.

See if I care.

White male comes and takes the books.

My books. Taking my books.

Knowledge. Learning.

You gonna rob me of that too?

Not gonna let me learn.
Not gonna let me teach.
Not gonna let me grow.

Gonna take my books.

Well. Okay.

I don’t need them.
I don’t.

I will still succeed without them, because I have something that will always get me through.

As long as I’m white and a man, I’ll be fine.

White male comes out and hands her a mirror.

She looks at herself. Looks to empty space on table. Looks around for help. Looks back in the mirror.


Lights Out.


This piece ran far too long in performance. This was due to many factors the main one being that I just wrote it too damn long. So unless you plan to play it in a comedic light and take the pace very quick, a performance suggestion would be to cut the sections referring to the car and the money.

"See If I Care" debuted December 6, 2002, with the following cast:

Ethnic Woman: Sukie Sang Gayle

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