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mountain the size of my imagination

I remembered my favorite line from the poster-art piece we were reminiscing about: "Yes, you too can be a model!" tee-hee...from the depths of the brain. ---Ash "mountain the size of my imagination" IS COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL AND MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED, TRANSMITTED, PRINTED OR PERFORMED WITHOUT THE EXPRESS PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR

I don't remember much about this one. I know we had several people doing different things, like in the cucumber piece. Erin was one of them, and there was *at least* one other person, but I don't remember who. My part of this involved a stack of Frank Frazetta posters from high school that I wanted to throw out, so I left them in one of the class rooms at the Theatre Building in case someone wanted to give them a good home. No one did, so they were still sitting there on Friday night. Between the other performers parts, I would hold up one of the Frazetta posters and ad lib a line inspired by the painting. (For example, the modelling line that Ashley remembers [above] was probably in response to the leftmost image below). The giants fighting on the mountaintop was at the bottom of the stack because I planned to end with the line "I see a mountain. A mountain the size of my imagination." as the button to the piece and, more importantly, the LBO's cue.

The images below were some of the posters. But I think there were others as well. And it's also possible that I've misremembered a couple of these as being there even though they weren't.

"mountain the size of my imagination" was performed September 25, 1987 by ?

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